Technical Agility

Organizational Agility is constrained by Technical Agility


All our courses on Agile Engineering Practices's are extremely practical and taught by highly praised trainers. You will learn essential skills to deliver software much wiser, faster and with higher quality than ever before. Your skills can improve the economics of software development big time.

For even more in-depth learning - take your teammates and colleagues and start using the skills in the real-life projects immediately.

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Harnessing TDD

The Harnessing Test-Driven Development course has a good balance of interactive lectures and hands-on exercises. The attendees are expected to pair-up and work on the lab exercises. The instructor will assist the attendees as they work on the exercises. The objective of the course is for the attendees to gain an in-depth practical knowledge of the concepts so they can put them to immediate use on real projects.


March 12-13

up to 20 participants

Advanced SQL + Performance workshop

 This workshop enables developers to use SQL as a first-¬≠class language in their applications.

Specific PostgreSQL or Oracle knowledge is not required, only general experience with programming and SQL.


April 5- 6

up to 20 participants

Extreme Automation (beyond continuos delivery)

 This is a 2-day course focused on solving challenges that organisations face when implementing automation and DevOps initiatives.


Junel 18-19

up to 20 participants