DevOps:Extreme Automation

2022-02-01 09:00 to2022-02-03 17:00(Europe/Tallinn)

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DevOps: Extreme Automation training

This is a 3-day course focused on solving challenges that organisations face when implementing automation and DevOps initiatives.

Andrey Adamovich 


                                                                      1. Getting started
                                                                        1. Why to automate?
                                                                        2. What to automate?
                                                                        3. How to automate?
                                                                        4. When to not automate?
                                                                        5. Automation arguments
                                                                      2. Approaches
                                                                        1. Continuos integration
                                                                        2. Continous deployment
                                                                        3. Continous delivery
                                                                        4. Delivery pipelines
                                                                        5. DevOps culture
                                                                      3. Infrastructure
                                                                        1. Infrastructure automation
                                                                        2. Confguration management
                                                                        3. Maturity model
                                                                      4. Virtualization
                                                                        1. Cloud infrastructure
                                                                        2. Private clouds
                                                                        3. Containers
                                                                        4. Infrastructure scaling
                                                                      5. Monitoring
                                                                        1. Monitoring standards
                                                                        2. Monitoring tools
                                                                        3. Dashboard hint

                                                                        Lab work
                                                                        Lab work will include the following tasks:
                                                                        • Create virtual machine in Virtual Box/Vagrant
                                                                        • Install required software with Puppet/Chef
                                                                        • Write application deployment script
                                                                        • Create virtual machine in AWS EC2
                                                                        • Reuse provisioning and deployment scripts for EC2 server
                                                                        • Implement full software delivery pipeline in Jenkins
                                                                        • Create monitoring dashboard in Kibana/Grafana
                                                                        • Create alerts for importnant system events


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                                                                      From2022-02-01 09:00
                                                                      To2022-02-03 17:00


                                                                      Andrey Adamovich

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